Selion Telescopic T220/300 EVO

Selion Telescopic T220/300 EVO

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Compact and ultra-lightweight at just 4.3 lbs, the SELION M12 handheld saw has all the advantages of a larger model, starting with its power. Maneuverable and versatile, its unique design makes it an ideal and indispensable tool for fast and precise landscaping cuts. Ideal for gentle pruning, the SELION M12 handheld saw is also equipped with the latest PELLENC safety innovations.



  • 6 in. guide chainsaw
  • Weighs only 4.3 lbs
  • Its compact size and Soft Touch handle make it easy to hold
  • Designed to suit any size of hand
  • Robust top handle for heavy duty work
  • NEW Tool-case adapted for easy storage


  • Strong and reliable, clutchless (direct drive to sprocket)
  • Minimum battery life of one work day
  • 1200 W PELLENC Brushless electric motor (equivalent to 30 cc combustion engine)
  • Automatic chain tensioning


  • Pruner designed for tree maintenance, fruit growers and vine growers
  • Adapts to its environment, threading its way between branches of various sizes.
  • «PRECISION» narrow guide + chain for greater precision and cut quality (optional).


  • Uses up to 30 % less chain oil.
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