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Fixion 2 Tying Machine

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Drawing on 20 years of experience manufacturing electronic tying machines, our teams have been busy developing a tool designed with the user’s needs in mind. Its built-in battery dispenses with the need for a cable, so vineyard professionals can move around more easily as they work. The ergonomic handle also makes it easier to get a good grip on the tool. This design received an award at the most recent Dionysud Trade Show, which showcases innovations in occupational risk prevention. Lightweight and easy to handle, the PELLENC Fixion 2 tying machine offers time savings of up to 4x faster than manual tying. And with enough battery life for a full day’s work and more, your vine-tying productivity is increased tenfold.
Adaptable, it can be used with the reel mounted on the tool or worn on the belt. The Fixion 2 electric vine-tying machine comes with a full range of PELLENC ties: Standard, Stainless Steel, Biodegradable, and Paper.

Built-in battery

  • Great freedom of movement.

  • Rapid working.

  • Lightweight: tool + built-in battery = 1.7lbs.

Unmatched productivity

  • Up to 4x faster when compared with manual tying.

  • Battery life: up to 15,000 ties / charge cycle.


  • Reel is on-board or on the belt.

  • Spool selector: 4 levels.

New design

  • Ergonomic handle.

  • Easy, quick reel replacement.

Item comes with:

  • Tying machine with battery included

  • One dispenser with 50M/200ft tie reel

  • One extra 50M/200ft tie reel

  • One dispenser with 200M/650ft tie reel

  • One padded belt + suspenders

  • One battery charger

  • One carrying case with accessories

  • Battery life up to 15,000 ties